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Bayesian Analysis of Connectivity in Macaque Cerebral Cortex 2014-12-06

There is currently great interest in understanding the network structure (or connectome) of the nonhuman primate (NHP) cortex as it will be much more informative about human cortical organization than other animal models. Our group has assembled a ... Read more

Design of experiments 2014-04-01

Study to reveal the influencial factors for the density and the resistance of certain materials. The study was made using R and Matlab. Read more

Data mining 2014-03-01

Collecting data from the University of California's database I had the opportunity to apply different statistical methods such as: Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA), Canonical-Correlation Analysis (CCA), LASSO regression, Partial Least Squares ... Read more

Scheduling palliative chemotherapy treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer patients 2014-11-01

The overall objective of this project is to improve treatment decision making process for aCRC/mCRC patients, incorporating the challenges introduced from cost restrictions, toxicity and tumor's drug resistance. Analytical models will be developed ... Read more

6-months Intership 2014-04-01

During my Master’s I had the opportunity to do my intership in the University at Buffalo, participating in the team of the paper "Scheduling Palliative Chemotherapy Treatments for Advanced/Metastatic Colorectal Cancer(aCRC/mCRC) Patients". The ... Read more

Non-Parametric statistics 2014-03-10

In this project each student had 2 different datasets to analyse. The main objective of this project is to learn and apply some non parametric methods in this data. We have to use a non parametric methods: Bootstrap, Adequation tests Parity tests, ... Read more

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